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Building Lives on the

Chief Cornerstone




In the Spring of 1973, Mr. Jim Grider through the Conservative Baptist Association, conducted a survey of Blissfield to see if there was an interest in starting a Baptist Church.  After several Wednesday night prayer meetings, a group of about 12 people decided to go ahead with the establishment of a new Baptist Church.


In October of 1973 with our first pastor, Ted Crider, we met upstairs above McCashen’s dime store in downtown Blissfield.  At our first meeting there were approximately 25 in attendance, including seven charter members. Under Pastor Crider the congregation grew to about 70 members.  Pastor Crider was our pastor until December 31, 1980.


Eight months later, on October 7, 1981, Pastor Art Larsen became our Pastor.  Under his leadership the church was exhorted to pray properly and be totally committed to God.  Two years later with a congregation of about 100 we moved from the upstairs meeting room to a first floor furniture store.  With this move many things started to happen.  We were able to purchase our present land of 17.5 acres in 1984.  In the Spring of 1985 we started construction of our present building.  Men, women, teenagers, and even the kids became involved in the building project.  We were finally able to move into our present building in March 1986.  After 8 years of serving the Lord in Blissfield, Pastor Larsen was called to a church in Brighton, MI.


Soon after, Rev. Julian Suarez became our new pastor.  Evangelism was one of his greatest concerns.  Three years later, Pastor Suarez resigned.


On March 14, 1993, Rev. Tom Duff became our new pastor.  He brought new energy and excitement to the church.  His caring heart and genuine love for the people was used by our Lord in the growth of the church.  Not only was there growth in numbers, but there was also a growth in spiritual maturity.  On April 11, 1999, Pastor Duff ended his term as minister of our church.


Four months later on August 22, 1999, Pastor Tom Frantz accepted the call to be our minister.  A true sense of stability and direction of moving ahead was evident in Pastor’s teaching and ministry.  Plans were made to build onto the church building to accommodate our growing congregation.  On October 3, 2004, upon the church’s 31st anniversary, our new fellowship hall and kitchen was completed and dedicated.  Along with this was the remodeling of the old fellowship room into much needed classrooms and a new youth room.  By 2006, our church had no financial obligations.


Pastor Frantz’s preaching and declaration of the Word of God has impacted not only our church, but our community as well.  A true sense of family has been fostered within our church.

On October 6, 2013 Blissfield Baptist Church celebrated 40 years of ministry.  We gathered with a purpose to thank and honor God for His faithfulness over the years.  There have been so many people that have been faithful in service, year after year in performing duties, seen and unseen to further the Lord’s work.  Our hope and prayer is that God will continue to use this church as an example of a group of believers that stand firm to the Word of God, desire to see others accept Him as Savior, and continue to walk in His ways to His honor and glory.


Sunday School: 9:30 am

Morning Worship: 10:30 am

Evening Service: 6:30 pm




Youth Group: 6:45 pm

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Bible Study & Prayer Meeting: 7:00 pm

OFFICE: (517) 486-4648